We are a diverse group of citizens made of teachers, lawyers, scientists, business people, and concerned individuals with a mission to protect and conserve our precious and unique natural resources for the enjoyment of many generations to come.


We represent the F.A.C.E. of sustainability though Facilitation, Awareness, Civic Engagement, and Education.


Do you want to balance economic growth with sustainable practices?
Are you concerned about losing more green space and the natural scape of our community?

Are you concerned that land development is impacting panther, bear, deer and other wildlife habitat? Are you concerned about sea level rise?
What can you do?

Sign this petition!

What we want:
1. Establish a Collier County Office of Sustainability and a citizens committee that will oversee future development
2. Put Conservation Collier on the 2016 ballot
3. Recognition from county that locals are as important as tourists

Other things you can do:
Go to environmental meetings

Write letters to the editor: ltrs@naplesnews.com

Educate your community—hold informal meetings in your community

Write to your commissioners (see emails below)

Georgia Hiller District 1 GeorgiahHller@colliergov.net
 Email Georgia Hiller Today!
Tim Nance District 5 TimNance@colliergov.net
 Email Tim Nance Today!
Tom Henning District 3
 TomHenning@colliergov.net Email Tom Henning Today!

Penny Taylor District 4 PennyTaylor@colliergov.net Email Penny Taylor Today!

Donna Fiala District 1 DonnaFiala@colliergov.net Email Donna Fiala Today!

Remember that individual letters make an impact too!

Please check your spam folder after signing so that you can verify your signature. Thank you!


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